Robotics engineer

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Robotics engineer

Our offer

  •   An international environment
  •  40 annual holidays
  •   Collective insurances
  •   Company profit share

We ask

  •   Education in electrical engineering, industrial automation or mechatronics
  •   2-5 years of experience
  •   Strength in organisation
  •   English language

  Breda, the Netherlands
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What does your typical workday look like?

VDL Steelweld seeks an international robotics engineer

A person of your experience in robotics engineering wants to work with the latest equipment and the best programmers. You want to work in a company with international aspirations and challenging, complex production lines. At VDL Steelweld, we understand this and can offer it all. You will work all over the world and get a free pass for limitless professional growth. This will be necessary because, despite your extensive experience, you will be given many opportunities to discover much more about robotics.

For a better life for you and your family, join us in Holland and develop your international career.

Your programming as a robotics engineer

We do not need to tell you anything about robots, which makes you our technical point of contact for the customer and your own project team. Thanks to you, all the robots and robot programmers know what to do, and together you will build complex production lines for the automotive industry. This will primarily be done on site, from China to America.

You are already fully prepared to accept the following responsibilities:

  • guiding a project team;
  • delivering the final product to meet the needs of our customer, naturally with your team of colleagues;
  • shouldering ultimate responsibility from the first commissioning to final installation;
  • thinking about optimisation of processes.

As a robotics engineer, you have already been ‘programmed’ with:

  • approximately 2 years of experience in a position such as that of robotics engineer;
  • an University of Applied Science degree in electrical engineering, industrial automation or mechatronics;
  • knowledge of the required robotics software, for example, ABB RobotStudio, KUKA WorkVisual, ABB Safemove and KUKA SafeOperation;
  • strength in organisation;
  • ability to abstract;
  • good communication across borders (at least English).

Opportunities abound at VDL

We are part of one of the largest family companies in the Netherlands, and we primarily focus on automation in the automotive industry. To be precise, we are the only system integrator in the automotive industry in the Netherlands. This gives you and your robots the opportunity to work globally for such A-brands as Jaguar, Land Rover, Volvo and BMW. How cool will it be to be able to say to your friends, “I had a hand in building that car”?

VDL Steelweld is part of the larger company, VDL Groep. Yet it does not feel that way. Our flat organisation means you are one of us, and you will certainly not be treated as a number. Your supervisors are also your colleagues, and they will always be open to your input and ideas. Whether you work from Breda or you build lines anywhere else in the world, you will be working with colleagues who are just as good in their profession as you. They also understand not to disturb you when you are programming.

The following conditions are hardwired into our organisation:

  • a good starting salary per month;
  • an initial one-year contract. If neither party has any hesitations, a permanent contract will follow;
  • a daily allowance when you work on site;
  • 40 days off a year;
  • a very favourable overtime arrangement;
  • an excellent pension scheme;
  • travel allowance:
    • to and from Breda;
    • travel and accommodation will be reimbursed when working on site. Meals will also be reimbursed;
  • an excellent pension scheme;
  • 8% holiday allowance
  • flexible working hours:
    • In Breda you start work between 7:00 am and 9:00 am, and your working day ends between 3:45 pm and 5:45 pm;
    • on site, you will largely determine your own working hours;
  • a profit share scheme at the end of the year;
  • collective insurances including health and car insurance;
  • internal training, growth and development opportunities.

Can we program the robots for your arrival?

Our brand-new robots are waiting for you. Shall we reserve a laptop and book tickets for you? Apply with VDL Steelweld before Friday 29 March 2019 via the ‘apply’ button. 

Do you have any questions about this vacancy? I can help you immediately. Contact me at 0031 6-12498578 or You can also find more information at

The following conditions are hardwired into our organisation

  •   a good salary per month

  •   a permanent contract after an initial one-year contract

  •   a daily allowance when you work on site

  •   8% holiday allowance

  •   a profit share scheme once a year

  •   a very favourable overtime arrangement

  •   40 days off a year

  •   an excellent pension scheme

  •   collective insurances

  •   travel allowance

  •   internal training and growth opportunities

  •   flexible working hours

" It's amazing being part of a company that builds on the future with innovation and creativity, all in an informal work place. "

Silviu Lenci

Simulation Designer

Why this is(‘nt) your job?

  • Better life for you and your family
  • Build a career
  • Responsibility
  • Serious challenge
  • Don’t want to move to The Netherlands
  • Doesn’t like to travel
  • No ambition
  • No English